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Note about CASE: Cornell Advanced Standing Examination (CASE) in French, Italian, and Spanish are not online tests, but in order to find out whether you're eligible to take them, you must register (click the button above this paragraph). You may be qualified for a CASE on the basis of your previous study, or you may qualify after taking an online Language Placement test. Click the button below to find out.

Why some tests may not be shown: Some of the tests are offered only at certain times of year. For a schedule of Spanish, Italian, and French placement tests, please see this schedule.
One of the purposes of online testing is to make it easier for first year students to determine their placement level prior to arriving to campus.
Note on supported browsers: While we aim to support as many different computers, operating systems, and browsers as we can, we cannot support all of them. The exact list of supported browsers keeps changing as they continue to evolve and we try to catch up. Please use one of the more common (and modern) Windows or Mac OS desktop browsers.

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You can find the most recent information about this in Cornell University's Courses of Study, under the College of Arts and Sciences, General information. For questions about the language requirements in other colleges, please contact the registrar of the other college directly.

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